All Surface Restoration LLC

Tile & Grout Restoration; Floors, Shower Stalls, Color Sealing

All Surface Restoration are experts at restoring your ceramic tile installations. Tile is great but the grout is a challege to keep clean. Unlike the tile, grout is cement based and absorbant. It also is below the the plane of the tile, so soils can get caught in the grout. Grout is mixed with sand which produces a rough surface which makes it even harder to clean.


You will get a professional clean from All Surface Restoration. We have been restoring tile & grout for 10 years for New Hampshire and Massachusetts customers. You will definitly see a difference. Our process works. All grout lines are manually scrubbed. The floor is dry and residue free when we are finished so you can use it right away.

Color Sealing

If your grout is too light or would look better in a different color we can color seal it. This guarrantees your grout will look uniform throughout the floor. Color Sealing last about 5 years before it needs to be cleaned or touched up.

Shower Stalls

Shower stalls are tough to keep clean because of the wet environment. Soap scum builds up on the walls, caulking gets moldy and the floor get that white-ish look from left behind salts in the water. A restoration cleaning involves doing a top to bottom job of cleaning the shower stall and includes re-caulking, re-grouting areas that need it. It is detailed work but is necessary to keep your shower stall in good condition. Give us a call to talk about getting your shower stall back in shape.


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