Resinous Garage Coating Systems

Many people consider getting their garage floors coated to protect the floor from salts during winter or to make the floor easier to clean. Other people spend a lot of time in their garage working on hobbies, fixing cars or other equipment and want a nice looking, clean floor. We offer three options for garage floor coatings: 1) 100% flake to rejection epoxy urethane system.
2) Partial flake system which is small amount of flake is broadcast onto a solid color coat then topcoated with a polyaspartic clear coat.
3) Solid color two-coat system uses quick setting epoxy primer followed by a thick 100% solids epoxy coat. All systems use professional, industrial grade resins and will provide a long lasting beautifull floor

Full Broadcast Flake System

We start with our epoxy primer which wicks deep into the concrete for a lasting bond. This is followed by a pigmented coat of polyaspartic in which vinyl flake are broadcast into this coat while still wet until the floor is completely covered in flake. The color of the flake becomes the color of floor. We use a high solids polyaspartic top coat to finish off the coating system. We apply with a flat squeegee, moving the puddle across the floor. Applying the top coat this way gives the floor an excess of resin in order to fill any voids between the flakes. This produces a dense, resin rich, thick floor. and leaves a generous build on top of the flake while still leaving a textured finish. This system takes two days to install. A slab in bad condition will take an additional day due to surface preparation.

Partial Broadcast Flake System

The first coat is a pigmented primer to seal the concrete. The next coat is a pigmented polyaspartic in which the vinyl flakes are broadcast into the wet coating. Instead of a full broadcast, a partial broadcast of flake is used. In this system the pigmented base coat will show through but the coating is more decorative and than a solid color floor. The flakes also provide "hide" to keep it looking good even though it may be dirty. They also give the floor a stipled finish which also provides slip resistance. Two clear polyaspartic top coats finishes the system.

Solid Color Garage floor System

The coating system starts with applying a pigmented primer followed by a pigmented coat of polyaspartic resin. The primer seals off the concrete so that when the polyaspartic top coat is applied, air does not move through the concrete causing bubbles in the top coat.

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