All Surface Restoration LLC


These two epoxy coated bays will be used as a bakery. Two coats of a fast setting pigmented polyaspartic coating was used on top of an epoxy primer
A 5600 sf manufacturing plant. One coat of our epoxy primer-base coat followed by two coats of pigmented (light blue) urethane with anti-slip.
Epoxy Coating of a Dog Kennel at a Veterinary clinic. This is a full flake system with two coats of polyasparatic top coats
Truck Parts Sales room wanted a decorative long lasting floor. This is 1600 sf full flake epoxy floor coating.
Here is a two car garage which we completed in one day. All polyaspartic full flake coating system
The substrate was wood in this project. We rolled out an elastomeric base coat which remains flexible for life. The next day we finish the project with a flake coat and a top coat, both fast curing polyaspartics. This is a residential kitchen. Home owner did not like grout lines. We added two coats of a matte floor wax to reduce the high gloss shine of the polyaspartic.
This is a three car garage that was done when temperatures outside were about 35 degrees in Mid December. This is an all polyaspartic system. Epoxies will not cure at these temperatures.
The existing epoxy coating had delaminated from the substrate. We removed any epoxy that was not bonded, so that the two coats we applied would bond well.