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Commercial & Industrial Resinous Floor Coatings

Our concrete floor coatings are durable, decorative and functional. From a solid color to mutiple color flake or quartz system, we can give you the look you want. Vinyl flakes and Quartz granules (Colored sand) are available in a wide array of colors for you to choose from. Our resinous concrete floor coatings can be applied in all types of environments.

We offer a broad array of coating choices to tailor a system to your flooring needs and your budget.

Commerical - Industrial 1-2-3 Coating System

This system consists of our high build epoxy primer which bonds tenaciously to properly prepared concrete. This coat is followed by two coats of our aliphatic urethane with anti-slip additive. For a thicker floor we recommend a high build 100% solids epoxy coat after the primer and before the urethane top coats.

Decorative Double Broadcast Flake or Quartz Coatings

These coating systems have a more decorative look. Colored Quartz is a graded kiln dried sand which is coated with a pigmented ceramic coating. These three coat systems are decorative and tough. It is suitable for office buildings, retail locations, kennels, vetenerian hospitals and locations that need a seamless, non-absorbant, easily maintainable floor that looks good. The color of the floor is the color of the vinyl flakes or quartz which is broadcast into the base coat. A high solids clear polyaspartic top coat encapsulates the chips and fills the voids between the flake to provide a dense, tough matrix that will stand up to your floor traffic.

Economical Commercial Coating System

When you have lots of square footage but need an easy to clean, long lasting coating this is a great choice. This system starts with a epoxy primer and is followed by 100% solids pigmented epoxy. The fist coat is designed to penetrate deeply into the pores of the concrete to seal the concrete. It also provides an ideal tie-in for the second coat. The second coat is a 100% solids pigmented epoxy which is provides thickness and color. Optional: The 100% solids top coat can be chosen with UV resistance additives to keep it from ambering. Depending on the exposure to sunlight this coating could amber with time, but will not affect its performance.

Shop Floor Coating System - Epoxy Quartz Coating System

This system consists of one coat of a flexible 100% solids epoxy which has an elongation of 60%. The toughness and elongation of this coating makes it the ideal coating for areas that experience vibration, movement and heavy things dropping on it. Dry quartz is broadcast into the wet, flexible epoxy coat to make this coating extremely abrasion resistant. An epoxy top coat finishes off this very resilient and beautifull floor. An additional coat of urethane is optional.

Concrete Surface Preparation & Repairs

All Surface Restoration can properly prepare your concrete surface for you. Our surface prepartion equipment includes concrete grinders, scrapers, and scarifiers. All of our equipment are installed with dust collection shrouds to minimize airborne dust to make the process of concrete surface preparation as dustless as possible.

All Surface Restoration can prepare concrete slabs for coating or other floor coverings. Surface preparation can be the the most time consuming part of an installation.

We can remove existing epoxy, VCT, and glue left over from removing carpet or other floor coverings. Divots left by carpet removal and depressions can be filled as required. On large floors with many divots we will float the floor with a cement product or with epoxy to make the floor divot-less.

Knowing exactly how much work and cost involved in surface preparation is difficult if the concrete is covered by a floor covering such as vinyl tiles or carpet. The conditon of the concrete and the presence of sealers, adhesives, and other products will impact the cost of surface preparation.

Preparing the surface properly is important for any type of floor covering that will be installed over it whether it's a wood floor, tile or a resinous coating.

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